Monday, February 29, 2016

Experiment 7 Conclusion (Classroom assignment)

   In this experiment my class measured how many washers a motor could lift with different manipulated variables. We started by choosing which variables we would change (Amount of batteries, amount of wire, length of string ect.) Than we split into teams of 2-3 and we each chose a variable. Team 10 (my team) decided to use the amount of batteries for our manipulated variable and everyone in the class was using amount of washers as the measured variable. So, we started by having one battery and seeing how many washers the motor would lift while only being powered by one battery. The motor, with these conditions, only lifted 1 washer. (A lift only counted when the washer made it above three holes on the pegboard) Than, we did it again with two batteries and it lifted a max of three washers and then when we tried three and four batteries and their result was the same they were both only able to lift a max of four washers. I think this happened because no matter how much energy is available to the motor it will only make it last longer Instead of making it more powerful.