Friday, November 6, 2015

Raft battery science project

Telling parents about what you did durring battery lesson:

    Today at school we built batteries out of copper, zinc, blotter paper, and cooper sulfate solution. We used this battery to power a light bulb that was the size of rice. These batteries were made by putting copper and zinc on either side of the blotter paper and rubber banding them together. Than you tape the two wires that are attached to the small light bulb one to the zinc and on to the copper. And lastly you dip it in the copper sulfate solution. If the battery didn't light after you did that you were supposed to squeeze the wires closer to the metal. My group managed to get the light bulb to light, but we had to squeeze the wires against the metal.


  1. I really like how specific you where with the steps how you did it and what you used. The only thing that I would change is how long it light and your opinions when you where doing this experement

  2. I liked how you described in good detail of how we made the batteries.